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Faith Comes by Hearing


  We try to add new messages to our sermon gallery often. These sermons are inspired by the Word of God and preached mostly at Peerless Full Gospel Church.  We pray that as you listen you will be edified by the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to copy and distribute these sermons.

Asst. Pastor Daniel Riffle 

NEW  The Abiding Presence

Because You Prayed  

The Faithful Servant

There is Coming a Day 

Our Motives 

Being Holy   

Pastor Nickie D. Pinson


NEW Testimony of Alex Calderon

NEW Fleeing the Stranger’s Voice



No Part Nor Lot

Feeding Demons part 1

Feeding Demons part 2

An Open Heaven part 1

An Open Heaven part 2

Restoring the Fallen

Time for Prayer

Avoiding Temptations to Sin 


The Importance of Our Body

Bodies Filled With the Spirit

Better Things 

The Washing Of Our Body

Clingers, Leaners, and Kissers

The Minister and His Lips 

Our Choice Concerning the Blood of Jesus  

When the Way is Discouraging

Telling God No

Some that Crucified Their Flesh  

Salt of the Earth 

My Way or His Way

If God Be For Us 

Can I be Delivered ? 

Enemies of the Cross

Why God Calls for Separation 

Are You Thirsty ?  

Signs Following   

The Signs Change Opinions    

Why the Signs are Not Following 

The Gift of Prophecy

Which is Better 

The Signs Change Our Opinions   

Our Cross and Our Mind

What True Repentance Looks Like

Where’s the Fruit ?

Forgiveness is With the Lord

Making a Difference     

Who Are You?

The Crossless Gospel 

Perceiving the Nature of God

The Weapon of Praise 

Crucifying, Voluntary or Involuntary   

The Cross is the Path to Holiness

Perceivable Faith 

To Crucify is to Repent   

Losing the Holy Spirit    

It is Finished 

When Mourning is Inappropriate     

Rebuilding the Walls